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Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy
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The Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy is a new pilot initiative from the European Commission, seeking to help European companies to transition to the net zero economy.

What is the Covenant of Companies?

Watch Georg Houben, Policy Officer at the European Commission, make a presentation of the European Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy here.

Our mission

The Covenant aims to be a community of companies and supporting entities who have made a pledge to reduce their fossil energy footprint.

In English common law, a ‘covenant’ is distinguished from a standard contract by the presence of a wax seal on the agreement, symbolising the elevated sincerity of the commitment of the parties to the covenant.

Our mission statement is quite simple: it is to help companies and numerous supporting entities to decarbonise their energy footprint, by guiding them to define and then implement emissions reduction goals that are manageable, attainable and aligned with their level of ambition.

Get involved!

Companies committing to the Covenant will be eligible to receive a wide range of support from the Covenant’s secretariat, including bespoke Technical Assistance and a variety of advisory services. Upon committing to the Covenant, entities will be added to the virtual Covenant of Companies community, where they can interact with one another, receive the latest updates from the secretariat and submit their reporting documents on progress made towards their individual commitments. Companies will also be granted a “Seal of Approval” to certify that they have taken action to decarbonise, which they can use in their communications efforts to highlight their commitment.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can get involved in the Covenant of Companies? Navigate to our page on how to get involved now!

Already convinced that the Covenant is for you? Then sign up now and make a commitment to decarbonising the European economy today.

Contact our helpdesk

To ensure transparency and to maximise participation in the Covenant of Companies, we have put a dedicated helpdesk at users’ disposal. If you have a question about any element of the Covenant of Companies, you can reach us by email or telephone. A dedicated staff member will route your query to the relevant expert within our secretariat, who will be able to answer your question.

We commit to answer all questions we receive within 24 hours of receipt.

CCCE helpdesk
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