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Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy
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Policy Director at EEIP - Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes

Dusan Jakovljevic

  • Steering committee member


Dusan Jakovljevic is the Policy Director and co-founder of EEIP, a policy and business platform for industrial energy transition. 15+ year of supporting industry interests, sustainable heat policy, electrification, critical infrastructure, digitalisation and financing energy efficiency.


What makes you care about the Covenant of Companies and reducing energy usage?

Long term experience in business-policy engagement on energy transition of manufacturing industries and sustainability related financing.

What can the private sector do to speed up our energy transition to net-zero?

Private sector is the key for the EU reach of net-zero and in operational and effective energy transition market. Not only that it generates economy and jobs, but it also drives innovation in products and services.