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Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy
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The Energy Institute for Businesses

Energy Institute for Business (EIW) was founded in April 2008 as a not-for-profit limited company.

The Energy Institute for Businesses


We focus on energy efficiency and efficient intergration of renewables, and act as a catalyst and platform for activities in the fields of energy and climate protection, including activities for continuous education.

We work in co-operation with associations, research institutes, businesses, and public authorities, in order to support Austrian businesses, and especially small and medium sized ones, to step up their implementation of energy management and climate protection measures. We also want to prepare the ground so that providers of innovative products, technologies and services for a sustainable energy use - can act as enablers for the energy transition. 

By researching, gathering, and disseminating information we raise awareness of the economical and ecological advantages of a responsible use of energy resources, and of the different options that exist to make improvements and work toward a sustainable energy system of the future.

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The Energy Institute for Businesses

The Energy Institute for Businesses