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Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy
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Senior consultant at the Energy & Materials Transition Unit at TNO

Karina Veum

  • Steering committee member
Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research


I am a senior consultant at the Energy & Materials Transition Unit at TNO. I work together with a variety of stakeholders (research institutes, policymakers, companies & SMEs, NGOs and citizens), primarily through EU-funded projects, to find innovative solutions to the multitude of energy transition challenges.

What makes you care about the Covenant of Companies and reducing energy usage?

European companies and SMEs are stepping up their greening efforts, but they still face important barriers towards more sustainable energy use. CCCE's tailored and timely support services are focused on helping companies and SMEs in addressing these barriers.​

What can the private sector do to speed up our energy transition to net-zero?

Accelerating energy efficiency and energy savings efforts to reduce carbon footprints is key!