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Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy
Important notice on pledging
News article20 December 2022Directorate-General for Energy1 min read

Country-specific guides to energy-support schemes

Companies and business organisations which were not eligible for the CCCE’s first Call for Technical Assistance can still benefit from insightful information on how to optimise their energy consumption in their country.

Six country-specific Guides focusing on CroatiaFinlandGermanyItalyThe Netherlands and Poland are available on the CCCE website and provide an overview of the financial support schemes, the financing tools for research and innovation and available capacity building materials (non-financial support) at the national and European level. They also offer insights in the national context within which the support is provided.

More Guides covering additional EU countries will be developed in the coming months and will be available on the CCCE website.


Publication date
20 December 2022
Directorate-General for Energy