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Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy
Important notice on pledging

Who is eligible for the Covenant of Companies?

The Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy is geared towards decarbonising the business sector of the EU economy.

  • Guidance

Given that 99% of businesses in the EU are small and medium-sized (SMEs), their buy-in will therefore be indispensable to the EU’s climate ambitions. According to OECD data, SMEs contribute to 64% of industrial pollution in Europe, while 40-45% of SMEs are considered to have a large environmental impact.

The primary target audience of the Covenant of Companies is thus the EU business sector. The following entities are encouraged to make a commitment to decarbonise within the realm of the Covenant of Companies and receive our support services:

  • SMEs as per the EU definition;
  • Groups of companies, including SMEs and large companies, co-located in the same area (industry parks), or building;

The Covenant of Companies aims to help these entities by providing a number of support services which:

  • encourage energy efficiency, renewable energy and other climate-friendly measures;
  • explore synergies between businesses and local authorities in the area of climate action;
  • increase private investments in clean energy Research & Innovation (R&I), technologies and solutions.

Have a question about your eligibility to join the Covenant? Get in touch with our Helpdesk.

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