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Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy
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Deputy Director Corporate Engagement at CDP Europe

David Lammers

David Lammers is a Deputy Director Corporate Engagement at CDP Europe.

  • Steering committee member
CDP Europe


David Lammers is a mission-driven sustainability professional and Lund University alumni; based in Berlin and passionate about its variety of local sustainability initiatives and diverse culture and music scene.

What makes you care about the Covenant of Companies and reducing energy usage?

Reducing energy usage simply makes business sense - now more than ever. Joint corporate commitments and action can shift markets and therefore be a strong lever for the societal and economic transformation that we need to achieve.

What can the private sector do to speed up our energy transition to net-zero?

By committing to transforming their own businesses to act in line with a net-zero future, and taking the necessary actions, companies can lead as examples and spearhead the transformation that's needed. Concretely, besides working on reducing their own operational impact, companies can have high leverage by positively influencing value chain partners and consumers, as well as by providing policy makers with confidence that speeding up the transition is not hampering their business potential, but on the contrary fostering and safeguarding it.