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Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy
Important notice on pledging
News article12 June 2023Directorate-General for Energy1 min read

Need guidance for your green transition? Looking for funding?

Green Deal

The CoR's Green Deal Going Local Handbook aims to help local and regional authorities in implementing the EU Green Deal on the ground. The first edition of the Handbook provides information on financial aid and technical assistance for implementing climate adaptation measures. The first edition of the Handbook provides information on financial aid and technical assistance for implementing climate adaptation measures.  It features a toolkit for each EU Member State, with step-by-step guidance adapted to the local context. Future editions of the Handbook will focus on renovation wave and biodiversity protection.

The CoR's Green Deal Funding Alert is a monthly newsletter that keeps you informed about funding opportunities and initiatives that support sustainable development and the transition to climate neutrality. Read the April and May newsletters and sign-up here to receive the Funding Alerts in your Inbox (select "Green Deal Going Local" in your campaign of interest).


Publication date
12 June 2023
Directorate-General for Energy